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Terms of Sales

Terms and Conditions of Purchase at PT. 3S INTERNATIONAL


  1. Purchase orders are only valid after written acceptance or issuance of PO by the Seller. Verbal orders is not accepted.

  2. Prices are valid from the date of publication and are subject to change without notice.

  3. The seller has the right, without prior notification to:

a.  Change and/or revoke any prices.

b.  Change and/or revoke the terms listed here.

c.  Discontinue delivery to Buyer in the event of inconsistencies, conflicts or ambiguities.

4.  Product orders are subject to these requirements, but are not limited to minimum order quantities and renewals

      delivery time. Cancellations for special orders/special orders will be subject to a fee/charge of 1% of the total PO price

      before tax.


  1. Purchase of Purchase Order (PO) Buyer nominal/amount of rupiah ≥ 1,000,000 payment is made by down payment of 30% when the PO is received and pay off the payment after the goods are ready to send.

  2. Purchase of a Purchase Order (PO) Buyer nominal/amount of rupiah ≥ 1,000,000 and has become a customer of a seller ≥1 year and has carried out repeat orders continuously ≥ 3 months, payment is welcome to choose a term of 30 days after receipt of the goods and sign a pass/DO or 30% down payment.

  3. Purchase of Purchase Order (PO) Buyer nominal/amount of rupiah ≤ 1,000,000 payment is made in cash/cod by transferring in advance the amount of the invoice determined based on the price of the goods as stated in the PURCHASE ORDER after which the goods are shipped.

  4. Down Payment for Puchase Order is made at the time the down payment invoice is issued by PT. 3S INTERNATIONAL after that the payment is made a maximum of 3 days after the invoice is sent.

  5. The period for settling the remaining invoice for down payment is a maximum of 30 days after receipt of the goods and signing the travel document/DO.

  6. The Seller has the right to revoke all credits granted to the Buyer if the Buyer fails to pay for any shipments when due. If, in the event of a material adverse change in the financial condition of the Buyer, Seller reserves the right to suspend further deliveries until adequate assurance of the customer's ability to pay is guaranteed.

  7. Payment terms are specified on invoices and invoices. Any invoices that are not paid when due will be subject to late fees of 0.1% per month from the pre-tax price (not applicable to distributors/agents who already have a binding agreement) or the rate is greater than the maximum rate permitted by applicable law, then at the highest level it is permissible to use the applicable law. If Buyer fails to make full payment at maturity and Seller uses an attorney or collection agency to assist with account collection, Buyer agrees to pay all reasonable collection fees from Seller including collection agency fees and court fees.



  1. Free of charge delivery fee for DKI Jakarta area.

  2. All shipping handling and insurance costs outside the DKI Jakarta area will be borne by the Buyer and the Buyer is required to pay shipping costs in advance before the goods are shipped.

  3. Goods delivery receipt will be sent to the Buyer's email by the marketing department.

  4. Buyers are responsible for inspecting merchandise upon receipt. If there is a shortage/error, the Buyer must report the incident a maximum of 15 days from the time the goods are received. PO number and invoice must be completed for all claims.

  5. Seller is not responsible for failed deliveries or delayed delivery caused by causes beyond the Seller's control, such as strikes, closures, fires, embargoes, terrorist attacks, war or hostile disturbances, natural disasters and domestic or foreign government regulations. Unless there is approval from company officials.



Returns of goods must complete the return of goods request form and attach it together with the returned goods (the return form is provided together with the warranty certificate).



  1. Customer/customer has the right to receive supporting documents for receipt of goods in accordance with the PURCHASE ORDER issued by the customer / customer in the form of:

a.  Invoice,

b.  Travel Letter (DO),

c.  Receipt, Invoice

d.  Taxes, E-Notes,

e.  PO customer/customer that has been signed as proof of receipt of the PO,

 f.  Certificate Warranty,

g.  Certificate of Confirmity,

h.  Calibration Report (if required), and

  i.  Request Return Of Goods Form

2.  Customer/customer company data has the right to protect its confidentiality and is not disclosed to any party


3.  Customer/customer has the right to receive quality goods/services and in new condition according to the Purchase Order request


4.  Customer/customer is entitled to receive a warranty for the goods/services that have been purchased.

5.  Customer/customer has the right to return the goods if the goods delivered are not in accordance with the request




  1. The customer/customer is required to send company data required for administrative purposes in the form of:

a. NPWP of the company,

b. Company SPPKP,

c. Company Domicile Certificate (if any),

d. Company Registration Certificate (if any),

e. Fill out the Company Data Form that has been determined by PT. 3S INTERNATIONAL.

2.  The customer/customer is required to provide proof of handover of goods made by the customer/customer according to the goods

      received at the time of delivery of the goods.

3.  The customer/customer is required to pay off the payment based on the Term of Payment as specified in point B.

4.  The cost of shipping goods outside the DKI Jakarta area will be borne entirely by the customer and the customer must pay it in full

      for these shipping costs. As stated in point C (2).

5.  Customers/customers are required to pay off the payment according to the number of invoices issued by PT. 3S INTERNATIONAL

      via transfer. PT. 3S INTERNATIONAL bank accounts as follows:

a.  Via Bank:      Bank Central Asia (BCA)

     Account:        5810423333


b.  Via Bank:      Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)

     Account:        0885533338


6.  Customers/customers are required to inform the settlement of payments made by sending proof of payment

      via email: and cc: marketing email related or sent via fax to no: 021-29319899.



  1. The warranty for the goods provided is valid for 12 months with the condition that one new item is replaced within a period of time.

  2. The warranty does not include misuse of items such as:

a.  Use of items that exceed capacity/over pressure,

b.  Errors in the use of goods,

c.  Item modification error,

d.  Errors in storage in customer/customer warehouses such as: broken/broken, fallen, crushed by other piles

     exceed the maximum standard stack.

3.  Goods Return Policy will be given separately for this letter at the time of delivery of goods to the customer/customer.


  1. If there are things or conditions that are not contained in these provisions, please contact us at no: 021-6667333 (marketing), 021-29030999 (workshop) and/or through the relevant marketing person contact or via email:

  2. If any provision in these terms of conditions is declared invalid or unenforceable, the provision will be deemed modified to the extent necessary and possible to be implemented. However, the helplessness or invalidity of any provision will not affect any other provisions of these terms.

  3. This provision will continue to apply and will be developed if necessary and possible according to the case.

  4. This provision is an integral part of the Quotation contained.

  5. In this case, it is proof that the parties agree on the provisions contained in this letter.

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