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SCHUH TECHNOLOGY established in the early 1990 by a group of Germany engineers with highly commitments to provide Accuracy, Warranty and Quality instrumentation products and services, mainly pressure and temperature gauges. Since then, with our sincere desire to be the best, we continue our successful strategy by collaborating with our customers and partners to develop high-performance, safety and innovative ranges of products and services for most application.

Mechanical Pressure Gauge

Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge
Differential Pressure GaugeCapsule Pressure Gauge
Electric Contact Pressure Gauge
Safety Pattern Pressure Gauge
Precision Test Gauge

Accessories / Instrument Valves

Multiport Valve
Ball Valve
Block & Bleed Valve
Manifold & Syphon
Case protector
Memory pointer
Flushing Ring
Portable Contact
Needle Valve
Check valve
Overrange protector
Panel flanges
Clamping ring

Digital Gauge

Pressure Gauge
Intelligent Dual Gauge
Precision Gauge
Precision Dual Gauge

Temperature Instruments & Thermowells

Threaded Thermowell
Van Stone Thermowell
Socket Weld Thermowell
Sanitary Thermowell
Weld-in Thermowell
Bimetal Thermometer
Sanitary Thermometer
Gas capillary Thermometer
Contact Capillary Thermometer
Flanged Thermowell

Diaphragm Seals

Air Vent Flanged
Sanitary Clamping
PVC Diaphragm Seal
Threaded In-line Type
Flanged End
Sanitary Union
Extended Senso

Digital Transmitter

Differential Pressure Switch
Pressure Transmitter
Pressure Switch
Temperature Transmitter

Pressure Calibrators

Pneumatic comparator
Hydraulic comparator
Micro pneumatic comparator
Dekstop pneumatic comparator
Dekstop hydraulic comparator
Compact hydraulic comparator
Calibration bench

Thermocouples & RTD

Thermocouple and RTD Sensor Head
Thermocouple and RTD Terminal Block
Thermocouple and RTD Connector
Thermocouple and RTD Cable
Thermocouple and RTD Connection
Thermocouple and RTD Types

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