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At SCHUH TECHNOLOGY, we are excited to have expanded to Indonesia in 2005 through our partner, PT. 3S INTERNATIONAL. With a new production facility supported by TKDN (Tingkat Komponen Dalam Negeri) certification in 2015, we are committed to contributing to the TKDN policy in Indonesia and providing benefits to the development of local products in the country. Join us on this journey of innovation and excellence as we continue to expand and provide high-quality instrumentation products and services to our customers.

RTD Series

RTD and Thermocouple

Thermocouple and RTD Sensor Head
Thermocouple and RTD Terminal Block
Thermocouple and RTD Connector
Thermocouple and RTD Cable
Thermocouple and RTD Connection
Thermocouple and RTD Types

PX45 Series

Stainless steel pressure gauge

All Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge

PX Series

Stainless steel pressure gauge

Premium All Stainless Steel 316 Pressure Gauge

PC45 Series

Phenolic pressure gauge

Safety Pattern Case Pressure Gauge

TW Series


Stainless Steel Flanged Thermowell

TG Series

Bimetal thermometer

Fillable Stainless Steel Bimetal Thermometer

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